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I intend to form a positive relationship with all children in my care

so that they may enjoy their learning and are encouraged to voice

their personal preferences, develop their curiosity and learn

through interaction with other people.

I  Involve every child in a series of activities and experiences. There are learning resources available for every child.  These  include, flash cards, reading books, jigsaws, puzzles, arts and craft equipment, music cd’s and dvd’s, pens, pencils, paper, chalk, play dough, wooden counting toys, musical toys, visual stimulating posters.  

Children are encouraged to make their own decisions when creating models and painting.  We also play outside or go  to different locations including, the zoo, on a train, the library, shops, small farms, children’s play areas, parks, playzones, physibodies, playgroups, museums, and any other location which would stimulate and enhance a child’s attention.  Children are encouraged through play and praise to develop their confidence in themselves and their own abilities by supporting them to take risks and explore new tasks.


All children in my care are encouraged to decide what they would like to do each day by means of a wall chart listing various activities such as playgroups, messy time, baking, park, zoo, shops, walk, song and dance, story time and any other activity that any child would like to be included on the chart.  All children are involved in choosing one activity per day (dependant on circumstances and weather).  As children learn in a multitude of ways, varied activities and tasks each day will be initiated to stimulate each individual child.


Adequate space and resources are made available for different activities such as baking, reading, meal times, floor play, outside play, sleep time, music time. Children all have a daily diary listing all the events activities, meals and milestones they have reached each day.  If I feel that any child would benefit from any particular activity or resource then I will implement this at the earliest possible time.